Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ah! The Lethargic Days of Summer!

I know that Summer is not official until next week, but my gosh! it is plenty hot and humid. We have had a few summer thunderstorms and that helps with the watering.

I finally got Patty into the groomer and she now has a pretty summer do that seems to be helping some with her heat distress. I take her into the vet soon to retest for heartworms, and I will ask if there are side effects from the meds she was given that cause her to be so hot.

My friend CJE kidnapped me yesterday for a girls day out to get lunch and a pedicure! Boy! That was nice. A big ole comfy chair that has heat and vibrates and feet in a foot jacuzzi! A great fun day! Her husband had supper waiting on us when we got to her house, so I got home rather late. I had to call my neighbors to let Patty out since she had been in the house since late morning. Both of the animals were a little upset. Noodles sat on the arm of the chair with one front foot touching my leg. Just to let me know that this is the way it is supposed to be!

I am reading the funniest book called Sheepish by Catherine Friend. CJE and I are both reading it on our Kindles, and I have told others to get it.

The lady that worked with us yesterday is a friend of CJE's and she said it was the first time that anyone brought knitting to her shop. Both of us just simultaneously said,"Well, that's weird".

I guess I am getting to the point when people either think it is weird or they just think "That's Juliann". I remember last year when I helped Dr. B shear her llama Paco. I answered the phone just as I got into the door. My friend identified herself, and I said, "Can I call you right back. I've got to get into the shower and get this llama spit off of me." When I did call back, she didn't think anything of it. She said she knew I was doing something with a llama that pissed it off, but didn't think beyond that. Then I get the looks when I reply that "I'm making a sock." and they say, "What?" and you know the rest of the story.

My roadrunner is spending quite a lot of time in the yard now ridding me of any lizards, insects etc. I saw (I think her) with something in her beak the other day, and when I could see better it was a lizard. Now I personally like lizards, and I wish she would concentrate on snakes and ugly, bad bugs.

I haven't seen as many bumblebees as I remember from last year. There do seem to be a lot of honeybees this year, which I am really happy about. I heard on a story on NPR that the blue jays up north got some kind of avian virus, and that is why we don't see many blue jays right now. I did notice that there were not as many as I have seen in the past.

I am almost finished with the foot on my traveling plain sock. I am not working very hard on the sweater sleeves on the handspun sweater. I always start sleeves first. I did pick up the afghan again and have been getting that moving along again. I want to get that done and mailed off by the end of this summer. I am not sure if they are getting married or what is happening. It seems both sets of parents are busy fighting over the wedding, and the bride and groom plan on just going on a trip to the Bahamas and getting married while on vacation. Sounds good to me.

I purchased a used tiny Norwood floor loom from a lady in the weaving guild. It is so pretty. It is 22 inch weaving width, and, of course, it is cherry. I have been weaving the last little bits of warp that she had on it. I am making myself some new kitchen dishcloths. I am happy with the purchase, although I had doubts of my sanity. When I sold the last one to JE, I was convinced that weaving was not in my cards any more. I did not want to do that. And here I am again. Sigh!

I mailed a huge box of fabrics to the quilt guild in Joplin for their charity quilts. The lady that is in charge of that and stored all their fabrics lost her house in the tornado. So I sent off a box hoping they will like them. It was just time to let go of some things and give them new homes.

So, slowly, I am doing much better. I still don't have a great enthusiasm for strenuous activity. I have to mow the yard in increments over a coupla days. But I am used to taking breaks now, and I don't feel as guilty as before. I am forcing myself to not take naps. By this time in the afternoon, I am sleepy and tired.

So have a safe and productive weekend coming up. Happy Father's Day to anyone who has fathers. Keep cool, and don't overheat!

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