Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Day!

I am sick-I mean really, really sick- of all the stupid campaign ads. I have gotten so used to just walking away from the t.v. when there is all that crap going on. I mean-Campaign 2010- is the newest slogan!

Anyway, the weekend went pretty fast. We got a late start, and we ended up at our meeting place later than planned. Our ride was waiting on us. It took a major effort to unload all our gear! One would think that we were staying a week or two. But luckily we had eaten in the car while driving, and all we had to do was set up our tents in the dark and settle in.

It was the worst coldest night I have ever spent in a tent. It wasn't just me, either, because everyone in a tent was complaining about being cold. I have spent many nights in a tent with the same sleeping bag, and I have had my tent covered in snow and frost. I have never been as cold as I was Friday night.

Patty was shivering so badly that I stuck her down into my sleeping bag. Now you have to picture me in a mummy down bag with a little dog stuck in the bag. I was not able to zip it totally closed, but I was able to pull it up and around my head.

We got up pretty late, despite all the noise of the early risers. You have to imagine that there are always early risers that start the coffee, start the hot water, and are generally pretty noisy. There were more small, little children than we have had in a very long time. They were pretty raucous and tree-climbing and pretty much having a great time in the woods.

After our Saturday night meal-always a community meal- we had our trick or treat time for the kids. Then there was the spider hunt, which the kids all love. Finally we had a video session with everyone telling their memorable story about Mirkwood. It was the 30th anniversary, and this was a documentation and testimonial video. I snagged one of the couches in the cabin as my sleeping place for the night. It was much more comfortable than a cold tent.

Patty blossomed. She went from person to person and socialized all the whole time. She really won everyone's heart. I was like a proud parent watching her. She actually snuggled in my lap a couple of times during events and took little naps. She pretty much ignored the other dogs. She never barked or made any noises. Oh-and she actually did a First. She drank out of the creek! I was so proud of her. It took a while to figure out she was not going to get a bath, and that it was safe to just drink the water.

I got little knitting done. CJE, JE, and I did get a lot talked about our booth at Mt. Magazine.

Last night my son and his new fiance (notice no longer girlfriend) called to talk to me about their trip. My heart is so full of love and emotion about it that I can hardly express much. She told me she finally is able to talk about the trip without crying. She loved the family ring, and the history behind it. We laughed about their last visit, and how hard it was to keep everything secret and how hard it was getting the ring out of the house without her knowing. They are thinking of a January wedding. Pretty quick!

I have been studying cameras. I have pretty much settled on something, but I have not really gone into the stores to shop for it. I know blogs are pretty boring without pics.

Time to find something to eat. Have a good week!

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