Friday, October 29, 2010

Wow! The First Frost!

Yep! There was actually frost this a.m. I can't believe it. It is actually Fall now! And in that case, it is time to go camping! Yeah!

It is time for our annual trek to Mirkwood. Remember in past loggings I mentioned our annual trek to Mirkwood, and how our "family" gets together at this remote-I mean nine creek crossings remote-place in the middle of the national forest. Well, my friends JE, CJE, and I are heading out this afternoon to actually work in one extra day of camping. Someone will meet us at the first crossing since we do not have a vehicle capable of getting into the location.

Right now I am baking cookies, and I have most of the food ready in the food box. Yesterday while I was at our Thursday Night Knit Night, Patty got into the food box and ate all of her treats. I mean a sack full of treats. I am surprised that she wasn't throwing up all night. She bypassed her food sacks I had prepared. I guess the treats are more better.

This will be Patty's first camping trip, and her first sleeping in a tent trip. I am actually carrying a small blanket for her. Since I am not backpacking, I am not so concerned about the extra weight. I can't wait for her to realize that we cannot go inside the house to get warm. It will be a shock for her, I am sure.

I am not sure what knitting I will be taking. I know the mitts, since they are just a rib stitch. I want to take the fair-isle socks, but that will require some concentration. I finally dug out the handspun sweater that I had thrown aside in disgust about a month ago. I have almost tinked down to a spot that I can study the pattern and try to get back on track. That's about 4 inches of unknitting. It will require some concentration, too. I thought of baby socks, since my friend GAK wants me to knit a pair for her new baby grandson-of course, in green.

I will be carrying my Kindle, of course. I have a great book light that I clip onto my clothes and I can knit or read or whatever. I have my lantern/flashlight, of course. If I am sitting in a group, it isn't polite to have a bright light just to do my thing. My book light is a small LED light that I can direct down to my lap. It works great for this sort of thing.

There will be no phone service either, so everyone is out there without communication. You will not see anyone with a cell phone in hand, texting, talking, or other rude behavior. There will not be any computers anywhere, either. My Kindle is about as tech-ie as it gets.

I haven't replaced my camera yet, so there will be no pictures. Sorry! It is totally gorgeous in the forest, and the creek will be pretty high.

So off to get last minute things done. I have to get the ice chest out of the shed, clean it up, and then I have to check my list of camping gear one more time. Then I guess I better clean myself up and make sure I have all my activities lined up. Off to the woods! Yeah! First Frost! Yeah!

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