Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken Bones!

Sometime Thursday evening between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., Noodles got into a fight. I was at the Thursday Night knit group, and when I got home I was trying to get dinner ready, etc. I heard a funny noise in my studio-his food bowl is there-and when I peeked in, he was standing kinda funny. I then saw the wounds and the blood. I grabbed him to check it over, and his rear foot just flopped.

Friday he went off to the vet's office for the day. She did not want to cast it since he had wounds. But when she looked at the x-rays she knew she had to do something. He broke both the fibia and tibia right above the knee joint. They were really severe. Being an occupational therapist, I could tell right away this was serious. But when I saw the x-rays, my heart just sank. This was going to take a long time to heal.

It was a very long tedious weekend. Finally yesterday I gave up, opened the door, and said, "Go for it." He is much better in the attitude department since I have given him some modified freedom. He is not an indoor sissy cat, and he wanted out of this house. I had a terrible time with the potty business. Now he is allowed to go out in some of his favorite places.

I really don't care if his leg heals perfectly at this point. I just wanted to respect him and try to give him some freedom. Today he has a plastic bag and little sock over the lower part of the cast since we had rain last night.

This is much like having a toddler with an attitude. He is no longer on any pain meds, and I am hoping maybe the uncomfortable part of the cast will slow him down a little bit.

And to top it off, I was eating some scrambled eggs and toast this morning. I felt something stuck in between two back teeth. I have really close teeth in the back, and I am always digging stuff out with floss. I put my fingernail in there, and out popped a piece of tooth that chipped off. Now we are talking about a rush to the dentist. I go tomorrow morning. I am going to my friend AE, and maybe that will help my dental phobia some. At least he knows me. Strangers never seem to take it seriously when I tell them I don't go to the dentist regularly because of my fear.

JE came over to visit Saturday after the Weaving Guild meeting. She was surprised when I told her over the phone about Noodles. It was good to have someone there to help distract me from being so worried. She is making some really pretty counting bracelets to sell at our booth at Mt. Magazine. I have gotten distracted from what I was doing last week. I need to get back on track again.

I was digging around in my basket yesterday, and I found my last pair of gloves in the bottom of the basket. I guess I never finished the fingers. I have two fingers and a thumb to finish. I think I can do that without thinking. I tried to do my fairisle socks yesterday, but I couldn't concentrate. And I am not doing any lace on the handspun sweater for the same reason. I messed it up once, and it was such a pain to repair.

I found these mushrooms in the back yard in a wood chip pile. The color is accurate. I cannot find them in my i.d. book.

I have to go peek out the back door now and check on the kid. He gets this look on his face if I stick my head out and ask him if he is okay. People don't understand that he and I have always been able to communicate pretty well. A friend of mine once told me that she was impressed that both my cats always looked people in the face as if they could understand what that person was saying. She said most cats do not make eye contact and they certainly don't appear to be listening.

Patty has been totally oblivious that anything is wrong. She is pretty upset that she is not the center of attention right now. Dogs!

Have a good week. Catch up with everyone later.

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