Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flooring, Cleaning, and First Weavings

My neighbors have generously offered their old flooring when they replace with new flooring.  It is laminate, yes, but they have cared for it and it is still in great shape.  It is a floating floor, which is nice.  I know 15 years ago I would have installed it myself.  I will now explain why I am going to hire an installer.

Last evening I went over to their house, retrieved the measurements of their rooms - yes rooms- and I roughly estimated my rooms.  I think I have enough for all three bedrooms, my studio room, and both bathrooms.  Yes-all that!

I stood in my studio space and just sighed.  It is so crowded and junked up.  I have been procrastinating organizing and doing a good cleaning.  Hmmmph!  Now I will do for a reason.  I think I am going to do some purging of fleeces and some of the wool I keep ignoring.  It is time.  I am going to pack all the books so they will be easily handled.  The shelving can be taken apart.  Sigh!

So I started today on my bedroom.  There are only three pieces of furniture and a stool.  I put all the books that were under the nightstand in a box.  I finally got the chest of drawers unearthed.  I moved it into the sewing room. 

I washed my sample piece of overshot I had on the nightstand.  I don't remember a story to go with it.  I held onto it because it is pretty.  Just a sample.

The one piece of weaving I do remember a story is the Navaho woven piece.  It is a "first weaving"  I was at a labor day event.  While wandering around the vendors I saw a Navaho lady with her rugs.  She seemed out of place with all the kitch stuff surrounding her booth.  I started talking to her.  I kept looking at a weaving.  "Oh, you don't want that.  It's a first weaving."   I told her that was why I wanted it.  The beating is uneven, the edges aren't straight, and the pattern is basically a simple geometric. 

It is very, very stiff.  It is standing up all by itself for the picture.

I am having a terrible time with Blogger today.  Oh, well, I just wanted to share these two simple weavings-one is mine, one is a "first weaving" of an unknown weaver.

I did get three skeins of yarn dyed.  It was a mess for two days.  I like the cheery Pantone color of the year.  I would not have known that, but fortunately there are people on Facebook who follow those things. 

I also wanted to share a picture of the roadrunner on the roof, but I am having a terrible time posting pictures today.  I was in the back yard, heard him call, looked around, and there he was.  He was cuckooing for love.  He and I had a great conversation until he finally left.  I am sure he went over to the neighbors and visited them.

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