Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yes, I Live In A Jungle!

My book is here.  I sold my first ones yesterday!  I stayed up late last night to read some of the stories. I was disappointed at the mistakes I found.  Oh, well, lesson learned.  One can never, ever find all the typos.  I hope others will forgive the mistakes.

I finished two itty, bitty knitting projects that were a divergent from the big knitting.  I did spend two really nice rainy days this week watching Netflix and knitting on my sleeve. 

The weather has been rainy, rainy, rainy.  It is hard to quickly run out and mow the yard before it is too thick to mow.  It is also too wet to mow most of the time.  It is such a weird weather pattern.  The weather man last night said this weather is the first "normal" weather we have had all year.  I guess.
Come July when we are HOT and DRY I will remember my complaints about the wet.

I did spin up one of the blue bobbins I need for skein two.  I am addicted to Netflix as I do some of these tedious long tasks.  I watched the 2012 season of Longmire.  That has gotten rather complicated.  And I watched the third season of Sherlock.  I had stopped watching those a while back, but returned and finished them yesterday.  I also like Murdochs Mysteries and Poirot.  Those are much longer series, so I can have marathons of Murdoch and Poirot.  They are both period pieces and I enjoy the simplicity of good vs. bad.

Patty found a new pile of garbage my neighbor threw out.  I think she would eat until her stomach would explode.  Thank goodness I got her before she did that.  But it is taking a few days to get it all digested and pooped out.  She is pathetic.

Noodles has moved from eating chipmunks to eating baby rabbits.  He is systematically eating one-sometimes two-a day.  He sleeps all day during the heat and mugginess, and then hunts during the night.  I have to look around for bodies when I get up.  Ugh!

So now it is getting dark again and is ready to rain again.  I tied the hollyhocks up this morning.  The wind blew them around last night and I am afraid they will break.  The bumblebees are still pollinating them no matter what.

Have a good weekend.

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