Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful June Day!

I could keep running from the person I used to be. Or I could write another story.

My new quote for the day.  It struck a cord with me.  I found it on a blog called A Dribble of Ink.

I really haven't been writing for a while.  Then suddenly I am staying up at night with a story going through my head.  I wish there was some magical way to just put those thoughts on the computer and then I could go to sleep.  Sometimes I have to get up and write them down.  Sometimes I finally go to sleep.

I lived with Amy Kate for 38 years before she was printed in my new book.  I think I have a new character that may live with me for a while.

The yard is wild and overgrown on the edges.  I need to do so much trimming.  I am not motivated, so I still need to do so much trimming.  My hollyhocks are taking the prize this year.  So gorgeous!

Patty is itching all the time now.  She drives me insane with the scratching, licking, sucking that she does to relieve the itch.  I have checked her over and no ticks or fleas.  I did find one flea last week, and I immediately bathed her and washed her bedding. 

Wild Kitty wants to fight Noodles for a place in the yard.  The last two nights have been screaming matches that make me go out and move Noodles into the house.  He just wants to sit on his deck in the chair and watch the world at night.  It is a difficult transition to being a senior kitty with a protective mom.

I have slowed down my knitting lately.  I am just not inspired.  At this rate I will not have a baby blanket for SH's new grandbaby.  I also started a new pair of socks for the baby-and they are still in the bag.  I did knit on the sleeve of the sweater yesterday.  I love that it isn't a difficult pattern.

I found a great film on Netflix over the weekend.  It is Mile Mile and a Half.  It is about a group of people who plan for six months to hike the John Muir Trail in one month.  That is about 210 miles of rugged mountainous terrain.  Whew!  I guess it helps to be young.  I used to think I wanted to do a long-distance hike.  One that would take a long while to walk.  I never got around to doing that.  Now I could manage maybe a 4-5 day trip.  Then I would be hungry and cranky and tired and sore.  Especially my feet.

Saturday was my parents' wedding anniversary.  Yesterday was Father's Day.  So I did some thinking over the weekend.  Some times that is good and some times it isn't.

I finally got all the gift books sent away.  Now any monies I make go into the bank.  In theory I won't have any emergencies that require extra money.  Ha!

My friend CF was needed by her daughter to babysit the grandkids for 10 days.  Luckily I was able to go pick her up last Monday and bring her back to Fayetteville. The drive was gorgeous.  It rained both days, but we made the best of the coolish and wet weather.  Every stream, every river, every creek was flowing with tons of water.  I saw a swan at the mill pond.  I saw elk.  A female turkey was standing out on the road coming down from Steele Creek.  The woods are lush and jungle-like.

Today I am going over to B's house to pick CF up and we are going to meet DA for lunch.  It will be old home week.  The wind is blowing and it isn't too hot yet.

I made a new batch of granola over the weekend.  I didn't have pumpkin seeds to put in this time, but I did add some diced up prunes.  I also added a bit more cinnamon than usual.  It is so good and fresh.
Breakfast of champions!

So off we go into the Solstice this weekend.  So funny that everyone talks about it as the official beginning of summer.  Actually I always think of it as the ending of summer.  From Solstice on the days get shorter.  It is so gradual and subtle that one doesn't notice it.  Then suddenly it is Autumn Equinox.  Humans are such funny creatures.

Well, I must shower and go pick up CF.  Have a great week.  The weather is turning again.  I think the hot will move in soon.  We have had such a cool and wet early June that we are lulled into thinking this is okay.  Hmmm!

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