Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of May-Waiting on a BIG Storm!

It is the end of May.  It has not turned incredibly hot yet, and it is still storming.  After the big storm in Oklahoma, everyone is edgy around here.  We keep going to the windows and looking out.  Right now the big storms are in the south, and in Oklahoma around Tulsa.  The latter storms are supposed to be heading here.  SIGH!

I finished a skein of plain BFL and it is on the blocker right now.  I wanted to spin some yarn I can dye with indigo.  I am not going to make a dye pot until I have consistent weather.  This hot one day, cool the next, and lots of storms is not conducive to standing outside on the deck and dyeing.

I am having a terrible time with ticks this year.  And my hollyhocks have some kind of "rust" fungus going on.  According to the internet sites I looked at, I will have to dispose of the stalks and stems and debris around the sites this Fall.  Then next Spring I have to start spraying a fungicide early on.

Other than all that everything else is good here.  Aren't the flowers pretty?  I love this kind of iris the best.  The purple ones I found on the hillside and replanted them in the yard.  The yellow iris was given by a friend and this is it's third home.  The daylilies are getting buds, and they will be next.  I got them in the same spot as the iris.

I am trying out a new pattern, but I am not in love with the yarn.  I think after the scarf is finished I will overdye the whole thing if I don't like it.  We will wait and see.

So end of May.  Surely it will be hot and awful soon.  So far it is pleasant and humid.  I mowed the yard to get ready for the storms arriving.  All I have to do is sit and knit or sew.  Let it rain!

Enjoy the weekend.  Be safe and keep looking up.

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