Saturday, September 8, 2012

WaHoo! Someone Left the Refrigerator Door Open!

I left the window open last night, and I had to get up and find a lightweight blanket sometime in the night!  After a lot of thunder, wind and lightening, a cold front blew through.  It is very Fall-like today with bright sun and wind.  Patty sits in the sun for a while, totters inside, and then goes back out.  I have on shorts, but I did put on a light shirt this morning for my arms.

I love it when it is cool and dry.  Very low humidity is a good thing around here.  I am thinking about dyepots, and actually cooking something in the oven.  What glorious thoughts to have! 

I know, I know, it is only early September.  Don't burst my bubble right now.

I actually started casting on my winter sweater project the other night.  I am doing a channel island cast on, so I am doing it very slowly and trying to keep the tension even.  I am on the crown of the sheepy hat, so perfect timing.  When it is finished, I have a project to start. 

I am also pushing myself to finish plying that striped yarn I started some time ago.  With dreams of dyepots in my head, I am thinking of what colors will work this winter.  I have some BFL roving and I have some Polworth roving that are screaming "Color Me!"  It's a toss-up!

I have been working in the yard all week in late evening.  It is time to take back the yard!  I am still digging up Johnson grass!  AARRGHH!  In places where I dug earlier, there are shoots coming up!  I swear I dug up all the damn rhizomes!  Obviously not!

I just read a book that was good enough to stay up a coupla nights.  Now I am reading a not-so-great book, and that slows down my reading.  I haven't listened to any audio books for a while.  Maybe that's on the agenda tomorrow.  I have to get that plying done!

My brother's boat weathered Isaac without any problems.  He got a message from the marina people the day after the hurricane.  They did not take his mast down and remove it from the water.  They felt it was probably safer to leave it in the water.  And it did fine.  He was sweating bullets about insurance, etc.  But no problems.

Other people had so many more problems.  I often think about the years I lived on the coastlines.  I weathered many storms, but nothing like the last few that have created such havoc in peoples' lives.

Nothing else new.  Have a good and cool weekend!  Time to put the roast in the oven.

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