Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Sunday of the Summer!

Next week is Autumn Equinox!  Yeah!  A new season, a change, the hot, hot, hot is over.  Just a little hot every now and then is good.

We have had strange weather of Fallish caliber.  Temps in the high 60's and drizzle.  Today seems lighter, but still overcast.  Everything is drenched in wetness.

Yesterday I drove down to Winslow and went up on Boston Mountain for the Spinning Guild meeting.  It was so lovely with the overcast skies.  It made the trees and clouds seem a more intense color range of creams and greens and browns and grays.  My grandmother used to tell me that the clouds were "resting" on the mountains when they are really, really low.  Well, all the clouds were resting. 

Once I drove the valley through Winslow and headed up the mountain, the fog was so thick you could not see anything.  Folks were impatient with me as I slowed down.  I was looking for landmarks.  Oh, well, it was fun to drive in the fog for a change of pace.

As I was driving home, it was apparent I was not going to go into Fayetteville to do my errands.  I had forgotten there was a football game in town this weekend.  Razorback fans are fanatic and are not too bright and logical as they are rushing around with flags and decals all over their vehicles.  I headed home as safely as I could.

So Happy Last Sunday in the summer.  The sun is trying to come out.   

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