Saturday, May 19, 2012

August in May

Well-the weatherman says we are in an August weather pattern for two weeks-August in May!  Can this weather get any stranger?  I have been watering already, since we have had no significant rain whatsoever.

I am almost finished with the last motif for the vest, and then onto the easy ribbing part.  I am ready for this to be done.  I can only do the knitting in the early morning hours or in the evenings.  It is too hot during the day to have a sweater in my lap.

I am supposed to go to a wedding this afternoon.  I have talked myself out of that, but I feel guilty.  This is a lifelong friend's son, and I know him.  But I don't know the woman that well, and the wedding is all about them anyway.  I would only be there for my friend, but she will be caught up in all the activity that I won't be missed.   See how well I justify not going!

Patty is going to the doggy hotel for the weekend today.  I am going to Eureka Springs with CJE for Books in Bloom, and then we are going to Little Rock Monday to take someone to the airport.  So a little change of pace here.

 I gave Patty a bath this morning, so she is clean and not stinky.  She is going through an itchy spell.  I can't find any reason for the itching, but she does.  Of course, she rolls in the grass. 

Things are drying up fast around here.  When I walked to the mailbox yesterday, the grass is beginning to crunch.  It is so sad. We have had such lush greenery, and then for all that to dry up.

Nothing new to report.  Just wanted to check in and update a little bit.  I have a new project in mind after the vest.  It will be a long time knitting, but hopefully it will be exactly what I want.  Details are forthcoming.  And it will be after I turn on the air conditioning.  So far I have avoided that.

Have a good weekend.

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