Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox! Duh!

"The Spring came suddenly, bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room, with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers."
                                                                                             Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Well, we had a doozy of a stormy night last night.  Poor Patty just shakes and tries to find hidey holes.  I don't blame her.   I have been a little bit nervous with all the tornadoes going on everywhere.  I finally took her into the spare bedroom with all the shades closed and finally got her to sleep.  She had her back to my back most of the night, but she did get to sleep after the major thunder booming stopped.

I also had to make her go outside this morning.  She peed twice just in case I tried to get her to do it again.

While we were walking along, I noticed that the grass that I mowed on Friday is already to my ankles in places.  My newest plants are swimming pretty well.  Luckily my yard is pretty porous and the water does not stand too long.

I am chugging along on the vest.  I have decided it will be much too hot on Easter for him to wear it, so I am not pushing so hard.  I also get tired eyes and have to stop and do something else.  Like mow the yard.

The flowering of things is fast and furious this year.  The redbuds are already putting on leaves.  More and more trees are putting on leaves.  The weeds and grass are growing rapidly now.  The forsythias are past their prime.  And this is still March!  Oh-and even the holly bushes are blooming.  Weird!

Not a whole lot of news.  CJE came over on Sunday for a spinning day.  I finished the gold singles, and I am now plying that.  She worked on her pink stuff that she is knitting.  We ordered pizza delivered so we did not have to stop and go eat.  It was gloriously nice to sit on the deck and eat pizza and just watch the birds for a spell.

So I noticed that the fiber fair season is starting to crank up.  Taos is having a new one, which I am tempted to do.  But I am trying to not think about it.  I found another box of fibers that I had dyed at some point in my life.  CJE and I dug through that, and marveled at the pretty golds and yellows.  I cannot even remember what fiber it is, but it is definitely a longwool variety with a lot of luster.  It feels a little bit goopy, so I am hoping that will wash out.  I am going to do a sample spin of one of them to test that out.

Well, off to knit some more on the vest.  Hmmm... maybe I will make a sandwich first and then knit.  Have a good week.

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