Friday, June 18, 2010

June-A Month of Heat, Humidity, and BUGS!

The sunflowers are now blooming! I love the red ones, but the yellow ones are so strong and YELLOW!

I just noticed the phlox blooming right over by the monarda. What a contrast between the purple and that red!

Butterflies are loving everything, and I caught this little guy on the cosmos.

You can hardly tell he's there. Look on the left side of center, and you see the bee! I have a bumper crop of bees this year. Bumblebees and honey bees. I enjoy looking at the garden. I have to admit this year the garden is a bit wild, but I wanted a naturalized garden.
What I don't like are the darn ole Japanese beetles. Because of the other good species of insects I cannot put out poison to get rid of them. So I am trying the traps that are supposed to do something that it is not doing well. Last night I spent 30 mins on one plant just picking them off and throwing them into the traps. Yuck! They are consuming at an alarming rate of speed. My poor althea is just about lost all it's blossoms.
And I could not fathom what happened to my hollyhocks. They have been a surprise, because I did not plant them. They have been well over 8 feet tall, and the prettiest pink flowers. I love hollyhocks. I mentioned that in a previous post. Then two days ago I found most all of them have been broken off and are bent over and dying. I was really hurt by this. I appreciate the gift that was given, and now this!
Last evening I looked out the window, and guess who was enjoying the hollyhock pods and blossoms? My friendly woodchuck family! The culprits got chased off, but that is a futile job. They are really clever and will figure out that I am not always standing around watching for them. Sigh!
Let's see. I only have 4 more squares to finish the mitered blanket! Hear me scream Hallelujah!
I did spend a little time watching Antiques Roadshow and was able to get ends woven in. It is hard to watch that show and do any pattern knitting or counting.
I FINALLY got the hem put in on the sweater! Yeah! I have started the rib and cable part, but kinda forgot that I need to start decreasing on the waist. Will start that now, but have to write down the numbers so I can do it the same on next section.
I am slowly working on the fair-isle sock. Nothing ecstatic about that. I did not enjoy knitting the first sock, but liked the result. That is the reason I am persistent with this second sock.
And the crocheted afghan is going along well. Nothing exciting there either.
Still spinning -actually plying- the same wool.
And I am in the mood to dye. Maybe this weekend.
Tomorrow is our local Knit in Public Day at the Fayetteville Square during Farmer's Market.
So that about sums it up. Yucky bugs, good bugs, beautiful flowers, heat, humidity, and grass that still needs to be mowed and weed-eated. Life could not be better! Unless I get the spinning wheel that I have put a bid on. That's it for this week. Good weekend to all. Stay cool, stay calm, and think happy fiber thoughts.

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