Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meet Miss Patty

This is Patty after she had her first haircut at the beauty shop. She is watching the cows across the road. This was after 1 week at the house. Now she doesn't care about cows, but she ran after a squirrel on Sunday.
This is Patty helping me sew. She is laying on the suede that I put there to get it out of a box. Now I guess I have to put it back up so it doesn't get ruined.
This was the first day I got her. She is watching Animal Planet. Remember this was the first time ever she had seen a t.v. Now it is nothing to her, but it was so intriquing at first.

This was just after we came home. I hadn't even taken the harness off of her. And it was before she had her haircut. Because she doesn't have teeth, her tongue hangs out the side of her mouth. And usually she has the one ear up and one ear down.
But on to other things. I am having a terrible time with a HUGE FAT raccoon eating my bird seed and suet. It comes out during the late afternoon. At first I was waiting until the birds ate their last meal before going to bed, and I would put the stuff away. Then about 4 p.m. I noticed a huge thing sitting there eating away. And now it comes early to empty the pot out. It also unscrews the hummingbird feeder and drinks the syrup. I know this because one morning after I had put away the bird feeder stuff I saw the hummingbird feeder hanging minus the bottom. I thought it was broken and I would have to replace it. But when I searched around, I found the bottom and it was not broken at all! This meant it had to be unscrewed.
I finally got the front porch painted. I need to put a coat of stuff on the flooring to touch up where it has worn. It looks so much better-all clean and white. I bought that Behr paint that is primer and paint in one. It was so much easier to use. The only thing-it does not clean up with water. Not good. It is good that paint brushes are fairly cheap. I am a messy painter, and it was not a pretty site where I dripped. I am still debating about putting a blue on the ceiling of the porch. I used to live in a Victorian house and it was traditional to paint the ceiling of the porch with blue. I think a light grey blue would be pretty on mine, but I am thinking about it.
I found a lightweight battery operated weed eater at a garage sale for $30 on Saturday. Boy! It is my savior. I have the hardest time starting the heavy duty thing, and it is hard to hold it for long with all the vibration. And you have to mix the gas and oil and it is stinky and yucky. I can't do heavy duty weed eating, but I can certainly do the trim around the edges and in some places that I don't do often because of the heavy duty thing. Now I can do it every week. Yeah!
I love it. I am finding as I get older I am looking for simpler things like battery operated weed eaters.
Yesterday was my birthday. I decided that I was not going to work any at all. I need to mow, but I was not going to do that on my birthday. I did go to WalMart-yuck-and get some things I needed. I took myself out to a restaurant and had lunch. I spent time with the cats and Patty and sat in the yard some. I knit a little bit. My neighbor came over late in the afternoon to show me some quilt tops she had from her grandmother. She also brought me a piece of cake, and she didn't even know it was my birthday.
Sunday was our sock club meeting. So I got up early and made cinnamon rolls. There were just six or seven of us, and we ate well. Two folks were working on their Christmas stocking and two were working on their fair isle sock KAL. I was crocheting on the granny square addiction afghan, and another lady was knitting on a sock.
I have not been doing much in the fiber world in the past week. I am trying to finish the final squares on the mitered blanket. And I started the Giant Granny Square blanket using some of the sock yarns that I gathered for the mitered blanket. I have been doing a little bit of spinning. I have a dye that needs to happen, but I keep putting it off.
Today I am going down the road to Dr. B's house to help shear her llamas. She called me last night and said she had done two of them, but if I wanted to help she wouldn't turn me down. So in a coupla minutes I am heading out the door. They aren't used to being handled that much, and they are a handful. She did get spit on yesterday. She does have one that I think would make a great guard llama. He will get right up close and personal with that look in his eye. The others just stay away. I hope to get pics. She wants my opinion about the wool, too.
So I won't be posting too much in the next week. I am now using my laptop because the last storm did something to my p.c. I cannot get internet on it, and all my files are on that. My brother sent me an email with a sourch for a software and cable that will transfer my files from p.c. to laptop, and I am waiting for that to arrive. I am busy with the yard too, and it is the time of year I am not in the house sitting around knitting and/or spinning.
If anything interesting happens this week, I will post. Otherwise just know that I am out doing chores. Nothing interesting there.

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