Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

The cats are not allowed on the table. So technically, Baby is not on the table-Right?
This is the bad boy-Paco-that I helped shear the other day. As you can tell, he is not a happy camper at all!

The front garden is blooming rather well. This year is so different from last year. There are so many more bachelor buttons and daisies. There are poppies, but not as many as last year. Also they are seeding in other parts of the yard, which is great with me. I had to look up on last year's posts to see when the monarda blooms. I have tons of sunflowers coming up, and I can't wait until they bloom. The weeds are doing well, also, but I keep at it.

This was an iris that I transplanted from the jungle hillside on the west side of the property early this Spring. I was so surprised that it bloomed this year. They are really low to the ground.

The yellow water iris is still blooming. The green fronds are over 6 feet tall.
I spent the day yesterday working on organizing and cleaning the kitchen. I bought a used hutch at my junk store. My friend CF helped me move it into the house. It actually adds a great deal of storage. The old antique cabinet I was using did not have this much storage, so I put it into the utility room next to the washing machine. It was adequate for those needs, and I was able to take out the rubbermaid type shelf that was really too big for the space.
Today I finished cleaning up the kitchen, sweeping and washing the floor, washing blankets and hanging them on the clothesline, and shaking out rugs.
I stupidly estimated that I only had about 15 squares to go on the mitered afghan when I started my granny afghan. I have been trying to get 2-3 squares a night, and it didn't seem to be growing a lot. Last night I counted, and I estimate that I still have around 18 squares to go. This is another reason why I get so tired of it. It never seems to end. It just never shows much progress. The granny square is growing rapidly and I can really see how fast it is going.
I am getting itchy about not having a sock going. Oh-yes, I do have the fair-isle sock. I could be working on that. Yes, I could. But am I? No, I am crocheting like a fool.
I did get some more spinning done yesterday. I think CJE is coming over on Sunday, and we will work on a lot of stuff then. I just cannot see a lot of progress on anything right now.
I finished dyeing yarn from the Padauk sawdust. I stupidly left it out on the deck in the dyepot overnight. So there is a dark spot where the dye settled on the yarn. Well, I guess it could be called intentional. But I don't know if I like it. I have to let it dry completely to make a decision.
I hope you have a good holiday this weekend. For me it is just another day. I have no plans to do anything but keep on doing what I do all the time. I hope to finish some project soon. I would feel better if I could see some progress. Just when I get a little rest, it is time to start all over again. The yard still has to be mowed and weedeated, and the weeds keep on growing.
Patty is settling in, but Noodles has attacked her twice. She is terrified of the cats. She is getting a little bit braver about going out through the yard away from me. I think I need to trim around her mouth a little bit. I noticed that when they trimmed her face at the groomer, they just cut her whiskers off. She rubs her face on her pillow or on the rug. Do dogs need whiskers like cats do? She is definitely a scent hound, and her face plows through the dewy grass in the mornings and late evening. When she lifts her head, water just drips off her snout.
Have a safe and fun weekend. Enjoy the day off, and time with family and friends.

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