Monday, April 13, 2009

It Feels Like Late October!

For some reason today felt like late October. It has been cloudy all day with winds and cold. Yesterday it rained, and everything is soggy and wet, wet, wet.

But the GOOD NEWS is-I finally have a baby to knit for. Not my grandchild, but my childhood friend's daughter is having a baby. Two years ago this is the same girl that dragged out the pitiful crocheted baby dresses I made for her when she was born, and proudly said, "I'm going to bring my baby home in these." I just shook my head, and told her to throw those away. I think we can do better things now with all this luscious yarn out there.

So after she told her mother about the pregnancy, she told her to call me and tell me to get knitting. She waited until she found out for sure it is a girl. So many things to knit for girls! Yeah!

This young woman is 33 y.o. and I think she will be an excellent mother. She loves all the quilts and stuff that my friend has given her. I have made her a coupla things, and she is very careful with these things. She is very sentimental about family heirlooms, and of all the young people I know, she will appreciate everything that is made for this baby. She will pack them away when the baby gets too big for them, and she will save them for her baby just like she has saved those awful little dresses I made for her. I mean, my friend did not save them for her. The young woman saved them for herself in her "hope chest".

And she will like "girly" things. Some new mothers want gender neutral things, and no pastels. R will love every little frilly thing I can make. I can't wait to get started.

But I have two sweaters I am knitting right now. And those have to be finished before I will start baby stuff. But-whew!-just like that, my summer knitting has been decided. I was thinking along the lines of washcloths or socks, but now It's Baby Time! I can't wait to start looking at baby patterns! And girly stuff! Yeah!

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