Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Socks-Finished!

Here are the Socks From Hell-Now Renamed "The Easter Socks". Don't be confused. The first sock started with a really nice Herringbone Pattern. I don't think it is so easy to do a herringbone pattern in the round, but I struggled valiantly along. I ripped, I knitted, I finally ripped one last time. It became a plain, ole stockinette sock. The stripes are still pretty enough. Then came the second sock. I started out okay. I got maybe an inch on the cuff, when suddenly out of nowhere I had two extra stitches! I mean the ribbing is k2,p2, how hard is that? I couldn't fathom where I picked up two stitches! I looked for any yarn overs-none! I took it to the LYS, and Colleen couldn't figure it out. So I started un-knitting, to see where the mistake was. I couldn't find it. So rip it all out. Did something else during knitting group. The next morning I cast on, and again I had a problem. SIGH! How hard is this? I have knit socks all my life practically. So last Wednesday, I cast on, and got going. No problems since.
I decided I didn't really want these socks, and that my friend GK in Kansas needs a pair of Easter socks. She just started a new job, and I don't know what size clothes to buy for her. But we wear the same size shoe. So Easter socks they are for GK. Until last Thursday I realized that Easter was really soon. I began a knitting frenzy to finish that last sock. I set goals, and I stayed up nights. But I finished them at 9:55 a.m. yesterday, took a picture, washed them, and laid them out on the deck to dry. They are already in the box full of Easter goodness, along with a dishcloth, and a pretty pincushion. Easter is Done!
I think any obsessive frenzied activity is okay as long as there is a finished product in the end-don't you?
I love surprises, so she will call me and cry. But it is fun, and I enjoy giving away my knitting when it is something that someone will like, will take care of, and will enjoy for a long time.

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