Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yes, It Is Still Winter!

Well, it finally happened.  We moved into winter.  For real, this time.  This morning at 9:30am it was 12 degrees.  There was sparkly pretty outside due to our brief snow flurries.  It was too warm while it was snowing to stick.  It did leave pretty stuff on the deck that sparkled in the sun. 

I got over the "pretty" part by noon when it still wasn't 20 degrees.  The sun is deceptive.  It is only 2:30 pm- the warmest part of the day- and it is 24 degrees.  Yes, it is still winter, even when we yearn for warm, sunny and comfortable.

It is a good thing I like to wear wool.  It is comfortable, bulky and heavy.  It is WARM, tho, and I will wear it until it is consistently warm again.

This has certainly been the weirdest winter in a long, long time.  It was so warm and rainy and then a brief chilling at night.  So I guess it is good to just get this over with and return to the warmer weather.

I am extremely happy that there hasn't been any ice so far.  I know we have three more months of possibility, but so far......

I haven't been in a knitting mood lately.  I finished a Sockhead Hat for Shelley and I am knitting her a pair of plain  fingerless mitts.  She has to have her fingers to play her guitar.  I also cast on a pair of socks with a strange lattice type of pattern.  It was on someone's blog.  They didn't publish the pattern, but wrote it out on their blog.  So I wrote it out on a scrap piece of paper.  I do have to pay attention to the pattern, although it is very easy.  I think it will only be the cuff.  I don't like to think too hard on socks.  I have my plain pattern in my head.  So once the heel is divided, it will be plain old sock.  I finished one sleeve of the sweater that has been going on for too long.  I picked up the stitches for the other sleeve, but I just haven't worked on it.  I have got to finish this project and be done.  It has been going on too long.

I also finished spinning my green yarn that was dyed with tansy.  I made it a bit thicker than my normal spinning so I can use it in weaving.  I also purchased some Columbia wool from someone in Missouri.  I like to buy from someone within my Fibershed.  I have never spun Columbia.  It is really soft and lustrous.  I like the "hand" of it, so it will be interesting to see how it spins.

I finally made up my mind about what to weave.  I want to finish up the last of the warp threads.  So I hope I can do what I want to do.  Tapestry is a lot harder than one thinks it should be.  One has to have some artistic sense and some imagination.  The skills take forever to hone. 

I also want to get in the sewing room.  I know, I know-too many projects going on.

I also have decided to start walking on a treadmill.  I have to get myself going on this.  I have to develop a habit.  I am comfortable with my laziness.  Unfortunately with this heart thing going on, I decided I HAVE to do something.  It can only go downhill from here.  I will do this, and I will get myself under control.

There is a wild kitty coming in the cat door at night.  I don't mind in the cold of winter, but I smelled something ominous yesterday.  If he is going to do that, I will lock the door at night.  No matter how cold it is and how hungry wild kitty gets.  I am not going to have my house smelling.

The birds are eating in a frenzy today.  I am monitoring the feeders and trying to keep up.

So Happy New Year-the Year of the Monkey!  I hope there are plans ahead for a crafty and artistic year.

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