Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinquo de Mayo!

Today is a lovely day in northwest Arkansas.  It has jumped into early summer from Spring, but it is very nice.  The endless winter seemed never-ending.  We had a bit of cooler weather last week, but this week is sunny and hot.  It is just a holding pattern until flowers start blooming. 

Patty has become very restless and wants out all the time.  Yesterday she disappeared while I was busy, and I found her finally in the woods.  She had been eating something, and her stomach was bulging.  I gave her a bath to get rid of the smell, but I watched her like a hawk from that point on.

Noodles is in active killing mode.  He has slowed eating of store-bought food, and leaves little guts and surprises all over the house.  He prefers to eat it on carpeting or a rug.  It is so much nicer than eating it alone outside or on the hardwood floor that can be cleaned easily.

We did not get the normal April rain or storms.  We did have one big storm last time, but the killing stuff stayed south of us.  The weatherman is predicting thunderstorms this Thursday.  We just need the water, and not in gushing proportions.  A nice soaking rain would be nice.

My book is scheduled to come out in June instead of August.  Whew!  A year in the making!

I was knitting along on the sleeve of the color-stranded sweater.  Something wasn't right.  I found one mistake in the pattern work.  It was not so noticeable.  Then as I am knitting along, I found I had made one other mistake.  So yesterday in a fit of angst I ripped out four inches of pattern work.  Sigh!

I am also ripping out the toe of a pair of socks I made about six years ago.  I made them for my friend that died in January.  They are worn and stained.  I would never give them away to someone else in this condition.  So I am ripping them down to my size.  I will wear them out.

CJE and AE are back from Peru.  She is seriously ill from two broken eardrums and a giant floater that appeared in her right eye. 

Nothing else new to report.  I hope you have a great week.

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