Monday, March 31, 2014

What A Roller Coaster!

Some days there is sunshine and warmth; some days there are clouds, rain, and coolness.  Today is the latter.

My friends CJE and AE took the maps that have been sitting in my kitchen.  I had seven sacks of maps from my friend G's file cabinets when I cleaned out his house.  So I finally decided that my so-called help was not coming.  I sorted through the sacks one by one.  I now have two sacks of recycling material.  I had two sacks I burned.  That left four sacks of maps left.  They  now have them and the wall maps that were standing propped against the wall.

I have been going through a strange bit of not sleeping.  It is very strange to go through my day groggy and discombobulated.  At bedtime I am so tired and sleepy.  Then I lay there thinking and thinking and thinking.  I eventually get up, go to the bathroom, and rearrange the bed covers.  I tell myself that it is 12:30 am and you have got to go to sleep.  So I lay there and lay there. 

Of course, the animals still get up at their usual time.  And I go through another groggy day.

I finally got one shoulder grafted correctly on the medieval sweater.  It is not as perfect as the messed up one.  I don't care at this point.  It is done.  I have knitted a bit on the socks.  I have knitted a bit on a bookmark.  That's it.  I am not inspired.

I finished replying the yarn that I am going to do something to it.  CJE came over Friday, and she felt the color was beautiful as is.  So that's two people that like it anyway-counting myself of course.

I have been doing some writing.  I have a new story going through my head, and I have done a bit of research.  Finally I sat down today to begin.  "The new story" is the part I like.  I don't like having to go back and flesh things out and edit things out.  I like the new story to flow out of my head.

Otherwise there is nothing new to tell.  Another week of weather blahs.  Hope things get better.  Of course, we are now starting our Spring storm season.  I am sure that will be the topic of interest now.

Have a great week.  Hope to have more cheery news next time.

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