Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Rough Week!

This is the highlight of the week.  I read about a technique of putting some roving wetted with vinegar and water into a large resealable plastic bag.  Then you apply the dye randomly to various parts of the roving, squeezing the dye into the roving to saturate the thickness, and when completed seal the bag tightly.  Plop this into a pan of water that is no hotter than 180 degrees.

I wasn't happy with one color, so I mixed a little bit of another color into the cup.  That gave me the green turquoise color.  The yellow wasn't very strong, so I added some orange, and I got a lovely golden yellow.  The red is actually a soft adobe red and not as pink as it shows here. 

I am over the moon happy with the results.  I only did a 4oz sample to try it out.  I did not want to ruin any of my good BFL if it didn't work right.  I think this is a keeper technique for small batches of color.  It would not work so easily for a large batch of dyeing.

The rest of the week has been sitting and thinking and sitting and thinking.  I am finally grieving for the loss of my friend.  It has been really rough with crying and snorting and blowing my nose.  On top of that I got a bill for my bone scan.  It seems Medicare denied payment, and I will not drag all the nonsense of the conversation out. 

And other financial things came up this week.  I had to decide to prioritize what I could deal with emotionally, and the financial things came out last.  So I will deal with them later.

I have hardly knit a stitch.  I did get the baby quilt to a point of sewing on binding.  I am happy with that.  My niece showed pics today of her baby shower, and I did not see a single handmade thing there.  Sigh!

I am on the last ball of yarn for her baby blanket I am knitting.  I like it.  It looks like water to me.  Or at least it has the visual texture that reminds me of water.  Whichever it is. 

The birds are eating me out of house and home.  They are regular piggies these days.  It is going to get cold and yucky this week with snow, sleet, ice, freezing rain, or something.  So they are dealing with the weather by just eating.  I bought a new suet feeder and that is the hit of the week. Even the cardinals are eating suet.  I have never seen cardinals eat suet. 

Noodles has been limping along on his gimpy leg for a coupla days.  I guess he has arthritis where the bone was broken.  He isn't hunting as much, but I do see him outside staring into the grass on the hillside.  He is ready if anything moves.

I guess that's it.  Nothing earth shaking going on.  Just dealing with this weird extreme weather is tiring.  I just refuse to whine any more about it.

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