Monday, April 22, 2013

What a week that was!

While I am frantically putting the finishing touches on items for the show next weekend, I am reminded that none of this is important in the global sense of the word.  After the bombings in Boston and the plant blowup in Texas, the whole scheme of Life is reflected in several things.  My dil's grandfather died, and she was very close to him.  I can hold her close in my heart, but I can't help the others that are hurting so badly.

In the times of reflection, I cannot see that my beautifully crafted items mean a whole lot to the world at large.  It is only my work of love for the fiber and for the finished piece.  I am not a production person, so it is a small contribution to the world of fiber.  I am very fortunate that I live in my studio, and I can sit and watch Netflix and spin away at all hours and times.

I only vend at small shows now.  I prefer to just make a little bit extra to help me pay some things that stretch the budget.  It is not important to anyone but me.  I do put a lot of love for fiber into my spinnings.  I hope that is what draws people to buy my yarn.  I know that is the response when people feel the yarn.  Then it is "oh, this is so soft"  or "oh, this is so nice".  And I like to see the smiles on the faces of the ones who have never touched handspun before.

So, yes, last week was a rough week.  I can only hope that this week will be better.

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