Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Can't Remember When I Last Blogged!

I haven't blogged in oh, so long, that I can't remember when I last blogged.  Oh, well!  As I move through day by day, I will say that my days are the same ole thing.  There isn't a new blessed thing going on. 

I did finish this really lovely BFL skein of yarn last week.  I think one roving was called Autumn Splendor with reds, green, orange, and yellow in it.  I paired it with a semi-solid roving of just reds.  It was really pretty.  I took it for show and tell at the knit group, and JF pulled out money immediately to buy it.  She wants the other skein that was to be spun from the rest of the roving.  So this weekend I am listening to books on tape and spinning.  She is such a good knitter that it humbles me that she likes my handspun so well.  She showed me the pattern for the shawl she is going to make.  I hope I get to see it.

Patty and I did take the day off yesterday to go over to see CJE and play with fiber.  She is spinning for a shawl and I am knitting a shawl.  She has her own technique of "I have this bit of handspun that I think will make up nice" and she casts on without knowing if she has enough.  And sure enough, she has to stop and spin some more, still  not knowing if she has enough.  Somehow it always works out.  On her poncho she actually had to pull out some different color to spin and fiddle around with the pattern to make the colors right. And it worked.

I am so OCD that I have to spin up everything and then do all these math equations to make sure I have enough before I will even attempt to cast on.  And sometimes it doesn't work out and I unknit everything.  I wish I were more carefree with that.

Sadly the little bit of rain we got last wasn't enough to keep everything happy.  I am watering again.  My bachelor buttons are almost ready for me to mow down and scatter the seed.  There are enough flowers left that I cannot destroy the bees' happiness.

My althea (some call it rose o'sharon) started out puny and didn't have many blooms.  But when the cool snap and rain came, it popped out all over with blooms.  And my bumblebees are ecstatic.  Unfortunately, the flowers are dropping really fast.

I thought my comfrey died out in the drought last year, but this year three little spindly batches came up.  So I am watering them regularly, trying to get them to hang on a little longer.  Normally they are one of the tough plants.

And, guess what?  The grasshoppers are back!  Patty will have her extra protein, and they will begin eating everything.  They are so awful.  I think I am going to make a batch of tansy dye before they eat it down to nubs like they did last year.

My sunflowers are really short this year, and the heads aren't that large.  What seed I get goes to the finches.  I love to sit at the window and watch them chirpling and flitting around and eating seeds.

So back to the spinning wheel.  I am going to get this done this week so I can give it to her Thursday at knit group.  Then maybe I can finally get my loom warped!  I have been working on that too long.

And I need to send my quilt top off to the quilter this week. 

See-things are just putzing along around here.  The days are the same, but the season is different every time. 

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Donna Iona Drozda said...

It sounds to me as though you have a great deal happening in your neck of the woods...and it all sounds sane and balanced and wonerdfully engaged.

I wish you a happy belated birthday and thank you so much for your lovely message regarding the passing of my pups Ruby and Val...
so appreciated.