Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Lot of Sun, A Little Spring, A Few Storms

Okay, I know that everyone and everybody has talked about the weather.  But isn't it weird?  Today I have the back door open and the heat is turned off.  Patty likes the opportunities of going out and exploring all on her very own.  I allow her the freedom because that is a big step for a scared little dog.

And then there were the tornadoes!  I know that every time there is unusual warm weather and sudden colder weather that collide "up there" some where, there are serious storms.  I also know that that is usually the case from March on around here.  Whew! 

I feel like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We have February and March to get through yet.

I am plugging along on the semi-gansey with the stockinette knitting round and round.  I am a teeny bit over halfway up to arm hole.  The Fair Isle vest is coming along.  Now that I have my tried and true method in place, I am having success with the knitting.  I am almost through with the first OXO section.  I am ready to see a Peerie show up. 

I finally opened the door to my sewing room and straightened up the mess in there.  I am forcing myself to finish the binding on the quilt that was laying over the back of the chair.  I pat the pretty blocks I last worked on, but I am going to finish that binding.  It felt really good to feel the cloth again.

My friend CF spent the night Sunday night, and we went to the new Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville yesterday.  It is very lovely and the architecture is fabulous.  They have a nice collection for a beginning and it will be interesting to see what they add. 

Today my friend CS came over with her spinning wheel.  She felt like she needed a refresher course, but I allowed her to just feel her own way through getting started and spinning.  She does fine and just needs some encouragement to "just do it".   We had a great catch-up on everyone and some gossip, and it was fun to just "visit" over the wheels.  She is going to take her wheel with her to Colorado when they go next.  That will be great quiet time to just sit down and spin.  She finally relaxed when we got back from lunch, and I didn't have to say much.

So two days of visits and I am tired.  Isn't this my time to be a hermit?  I guess with the nicer weather people are out and about.

I almost have the shed cleaned out and organized.  I watched Peter Walsh on the OWN network last night and that motivates me to get rid of more stuff.  The people he helped last night had an airplane hangar filled to the rafters with "stuff".  Whew!

Jeopardy is on.  Gotta go.  Have a good week!

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