Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!

I am so happy to say I am almost well again. I have been sick since May 14, and I never, ever have been sick like this before. I awoke at 3 am and started vomiting and had severe pain in my stomach, upper gut area. It stayed very, very severe for 5 days, and then the vomiting stopped. I finally went to a doctor, and if anyone knows me, that is like signing a death warrant. I had blood tests, a urinalysis, and an ultrasound. The urinalysis showed I had a bladder infection, but I was so not believing that with all the other problems I had. But I did take my round of antibiotics, as ordered. I never had any symptoms before, so I don't have any symptoms now. All the other tests were normal. So was this a gallbladder attack as I suspected? Who knows. I know I don't have any gallstones, so that is positive.

So everything I have been doing since has been to improve my diet, get lots and lots of rest, and just be aware of my body.

Then on top of all that, I started having severe pain in one of my back molars on the lower jaw. I had a repair done last November, and I guess it decided to fail. After an emergency visit to my dentist, he said I needed to go to an oral surgeon to get further help. So now that I am better, I can schedule that this week.

And my knitting has not been visited much in this past few weeks. I think I have slept mostly through everything. I did finish the BFL yarn and I started on the pink stuff. But sitting in that position is difficult, and I have to monitor the pain in my back and go back to bed.

On a happy note, a friend JH has a wonderful husband making her a spinning wheel. I have mentioned this before. He came by Friday to check some more measurements, and to pick my brain a little bit. In our conversation I mentioned I needed to make some templates for shibori dyeing. He went to a friend that has a laser computerized machine and I now have 126 new templates. I can hardly believe it. JH and LH came by yesterday and gave them to me. I am so thrilled to have them. They are heavy, thick, clear industrial strength plexiglass. They even etched the size of shape on the piece so I don't have to guess or stop to measure them.

Last night I started thinking up design ideas and pulled out my silk pieces. But now I really, really want to get an indigo vat going. It is finally into our summertime pattern, and I don't have to worry about fluctuating temps.

This Spring has had the worst storms in a long, long time. I am so thankful that I only got minor damage to my roof. I did get a new roof put on in the midst of all this illness. It looks very pretty, so let's hope it stays that way for many years. NO MORE HAIL!

My garden is flourishing, but it is very weedy. I have tried to go out and pull weeds, and to weed-eat some. But I don't last long. You know that commercial where the guy is up in the tree and shakes it to make a limb fall on your car? Well, I am now saying, "Shaky, Shaky. Time to quit." I am normally one to keep working until the project is completed.

I cleaned my little screened porch, and it is so pleasant to sit out there. It is like a little secret place to read, or do needlework. I am having a thing with a big, ole spider that seems to think it is her territory, but she understands that I bigger and meaner. But for the most part, she is never around. I just like to sit out there and listen to the birds.

I have a downy woodpecker and orioles that are feeding on the hummingbird feeder. I have had a major slowdown on hummingbirds, so I pulled one of the feeders so I don't waste sugar water.
A pair of brown thrashers have moved into the neighborhood and they are almost as pesky as mockingbirds.

So not a whole lot going on right now. I am laying low, and trying to stay focused on health. I will try to be more of blogger as I get my strength back. I am having to focus on just getting the riding mower mowing done. The trimwork has fallen behind. But those are not big issues, except to my neighbor who has a pristine yard.

Stay well and stay healthy. I am finally back in the world again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today has been a day of reflection. Why? Who knows. Maybe the full moon; I don't know.
I sometimes wonder about the insanities of the world. But my way of dealing with the irrationality of the world is to do something creative. Sometimes it takes a while to make something I like. Sometimes it is just the attempt to make something and it doesn't happen the way I want it to happen. But I think the important part is the process of doing something creative. Some times it takes a really long time for something to get done. Some times it is fast. But I think the process of planning and then following through is the important part. Or maybe it is just that I keep on doing it. I don't give up. I get inspired and I just start something. I think the fear of failure often stops the process. So some of the time it never gets going. But for the most part, I may fail or I may be happy with the result. But I tried to create something beautiful and happy and fun and silly and part of me. It may be brilliant only to me, but I finish. Where does this reflection come from? I don't know. I just know it is important to me to respond in the way I find truth.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Let the Sunshine In!

Yes, the sun is shining. We had a normal little shower last evening that lasted 30 mins. A little bit of thunder, but nothing too earth shattering. I got the yard mowed just as the rain drops started their prologue. I got the tools put away, a little bit of weedeating, and then the real show started.

I am at the in-between food situation. I don't want a heavy cooked meal, but I am not ready for the liquids and salad meals part of summer eating. I know, lucky me that I have choices.

I had more company over the weekend. I am ready to seal the extra bedroom. My girlfriend doesn't get to come to town that often for shopping. She usually drives the 2 hour drive to see her grandkids, and then heads home to prepare for next day work. This week she found someone to cover shifts for her to give herself some time off work. After a day with the grandkids, they all came here for a visit. After the daughter and grandkids left, we settled down for some knitting. She wanted me to show her the linen stitch again, so we made a swatch and pinned it to the instructions.

Monday we went out in the rain to shop at all the stores she hasn't been to for a while. She needed more cotton for washcloths, but nothing else was important. She wanted to shop at some stores to look at yarn for the grandkids Fall sweaters she knits every summer. I was tired out by the time we got home and she left around 5 p.m.

Saturday I spent the day at JE's shop in Bentonville talking to Girl Scouts. I do not want to publish my opinion of how Girl Scouts get merit badges these days. Let's just say it is ridiculous and it wasn't that way when I was a Girl Scout.

JE did bring her Spring lambs with their moms to be sheared. Not the lambs, just the moms. There is nothing cuter than new lambs. They are clowns and precious. Of course, I left my camera at home.

I am proud to say I just bit the bullet and started knitting on the giraffe sock again. I like it again. I will say I will not do this again. I am tired of color stranded knitting on socks. This is the third one in six months, and I am tired of it. I said that with the pink clown socks, too. I remember that. But this time, no more stranded socks for a while. I did cast on for a plain sock to stick in my purse for knitting in public. I have trouble follow charts if I am talking to other folks.

Speaking of socks, I have yet to wash and put away my wooly socks. I was happy to have a pair on Monday in the rain and cold. Yes, I wore a light coat with a hood all day. It has been in the 30's and low 40's at night this week. The promise is warmer weather by tomorrow, and maybe next week I can wash all my sockies and put them away. I need to do the same with the gloves and mitts. Another chore to put on the list.

The insurance adjuster came by to check out my roof for hail damage. While he was on the roof he trimmed the tree branches that were touching the roof. And he cleaned my gutters that were under those limbs. Wasn't that nice of him? I guess there are advantages of being older after all. When he left, he acknowledged my thanks and said, "At least you can knock those off the chore list." I was very appreciative that I do not have to climb up to the roof to trim the limbs. I clean the gutters twice a year, and I just have to stand on the ladder to do that.

I am going to close by placing a link to They are so clever. http://mason I am not sure I have whatever it takes to be an operative with SEALKS.

Have a good weekend. Hopefully the showers next week will just be brief afternoon showers like yesterday. I think it is time to move on with this weather pattern. Of course, we haven't completed our tornado season. I am going to visit with CJE tomorrow and hopefully we will have good weather for a long walk.

Oh-and yes, I did watch the wedding. I am not going to hide from that. I loved watching the beauty of their event, but also to see how happy they look. I also loved seeing what I could see of the Cosmati Pavement in Westminister Abbey. YouTube has videos of the restoration of this beautiful floor. When I see it, I always think of weaving tapestries or making quilts or something out of the design. It is so gorgeous. I love the idea that a message meanders around the edges of the designs throughout the floor.

Anyway, keep happy and keep loving each other. Until next time.....